Fuel Saving

Minimise your fleet fuel costs by analysing idle time, bottle necks, total mileage, best available routes etc

How it Works?

ABS Telematics provides a real time, integrated, cloud based solution for your fleet tracking and management needs

Speed Fleet Reporting

Highly customisable adhoc or scheduled reports can be generated which give detailed data on your fleet's speed levels

ABS Telematics has the following feature rich functionality:

  •    Cloud Based   
  •    Real Time Visibility   
  •    Detailed Device Telemetry   
  •    Driver Behaviour and Management   
  •    Vehicle Speed and Idle Time   
  •    Location Management   
  •    Geo-Zone Flexibility   
  •    24/7 Vehicle Location   
  •    Notifications, Alerts and Reports sent by email or SMS   
  •    Fuel Management   
  •    Maintenance Management   
  •    ABS Driver Check   
  •    ABS Fines Management   
  •    Flexible Pricing Model   
  •    Number of device options   

Driver Licence Checking

Meet Your "Duty of Care" Responsibilities


Low Cost On Board Discreet Camera System

Mobile Blocker

Putting You in Control of How Your Fleet Drivers Use Their Mobile Phones.